Premium Vacation Rental
1017 F Street San Diego, CA, 92101


Check-in is at 3 pm and checkout is at 11 am.

Checkout - Prior to checkout, tenant will fill and start dishwasher and washing machine. Noise levels must be reasonable and courteous to the neighbors. This helps turn the home quickly for the next guests.

Cancellation policy - If you cancel 45 days or more prior to arrival there is an $800 charge, the balance will be refunded to you. Cancel within 45 days and there is no refund

Smoking -  no smoking inside the home, in the backyard or on the deck. This includes vapor type devices. This is strictly enforced, if this is violated damage deposit will be forfeited and you will be held liable for any odor damage done to home.

Pets - no animals or pets of any kind brought onto premises.

Number of guest - No more than 8 people may stay at the home. This is strictly enforced. Children do count as guests.

Noise - Home is between two other residences, the East Village has laws governing noise. Noise levels must be reasonable and courteous to the neighbors at all times. There is no loud playing of music etc. after 10 pm, the stereo has a switch and will not function between 10pm and 9 am.  Be respectful of other residences in the area.

Parties  - No parties or large group gatherings are permitted. No more than 8 people shall be on the premises at any given time during the rental, unless specific permission is granted in writing by the owner.

Commercial Use - The property may not be used for commercial purposes such as filming, hosting events, etc. without permission from the owner.

Fireworks - No fireworks or other hazardous materials on property.

No kegs - No beer kegs permitted on property

Illegal Activity - No illegal activity of any kind, such as but not limited  illegal drug use, abuse of any person, harboring fugitives, etc.

Firearms - No illegal firearms .

Art - No removal of art from walls.

Garbage -The Tenants shall dispose of all waste material generated during the rental period in a lawful manner. The garbage cans must be put to the curb on Tuesday evening, garbage is picked up early Wednesday morning each Wednesday. It is very important the garbage is put out to the curb.

Candles- No candle or incense burning is permitted

We expect our guests to have fun and enjoy the home but there are policies that will be enforced. If these are violated you may be asked to leave the home, forfeit the rental amount and damage deposit, be liable for any damages and lost rental income resulting from damges.   Please be sure to review rental contract for additional policies .